Monday, November 13, 2006

The Great Contribution of Women In The Sciences of Hadith


Sh. Akram Nadwi - The Great Contribution of Women to the Sciences of Hadith [DOWNLOAD]

This post is dedicated to the women Hadith narrators, as well as women scholars throughout Islamic history. Up until recent, I had barely heard of the immense contributions of women in this field, but after listening to the lecture above by Sh. Akram Nadwi and reading through the links below, it’s apparent how influential women have been in regards to Islamic scholarship, namely Hadith. Granted the lecture cuts off at the end, but the 45 or so minutes of it present were more than enough to leave an awe inspiring affect in the heart for the efforts these women made. Nowadays we find that knowledge is being taken away while ignorance is becoming widespread as foretold in the Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh). This applies to men as well as women, but in our times we scarcely hear of women scholars to begin with unless it’s some kind of Pseudo Modernist ‘we need no hijab’ Feminist Nazi.

It was very refreshing to learn about some of the accomplishments of these women, along with their level of piety still in tact. Sh. Akram made a point that, “Muslim men and women are asked to purify their hearts and protect their bodies from shameful acts, to this end Islamic society does not advocate free mixing of men and women, however this does not prevent women from pursuit of religious knowledge.” Not only did they tend to their families, but they also had vast knowledge of various Islamic Sciences Mash’Allah. I was astonished to learn that Imam Dhahabi, Imam al-Suyuti, Imam Sakhaawi, and Ibn Hajar Asqalani all had female teachers or women from whom they gained Ijazah. Now, anyone who has read anything Hadith related has heard the above-mentioned luminaries, and knows the ranks of such people Mash’Allah.

Sh. Akram is currently working on a series of books that have accumulated to approximately 40 Volumes thus far on women Hadith narrators. He mentions in the lecture that he has up to 8,000 biographies Mash’Allah. I’ve listed the names of a few women in light of Islamic scholarship below, but please pardon my misspelling of Arabic names.

1. Aisha Bint Abu Bakr (ra): Hakim Abu Abdullah al-Nashapuri, mentioned how 1/4th of the Sharia has been narrated by Aisha (ra). Subhan’Allah!

2. As-Sayyeda Sara bint As-Shaykh Umar Ibn Ahmed Ibn Umar al Maqdisi (ra): She excelled in the field of Kalam, and taught the work of Ibn Shaheen in Damascus.

3. Amat ul Wahid Bint Husayn Ibn Ismail al Mahamili (ra): She was a great Shafi jurist, Hafiza of the Quran, was an expert in the law of inheritance and capable of giving fatawas.

4. Fatima Bint Abbas Ibn Abi al-Fatah Baghdadiya al Hanbaliya (ra): Praised by Ibn Taymiyah and Ibn Rajab as a great jurist, had most of al-Mughni by Ibn Qudama memorized by heart.

5. Fatima Bint ul Mundir bin Zubair (ra): She was from the Tabien, and the grand daughter of Asma Bint Abu Bakr (ra). She taught her husband, Hisham Ibn ul Urwa ibn Zubair, who was the teacher of Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Malik.

6. Imam Malik’s Daughter (ra): Had the Muwatta memorized and would correct teachers of it by knocking on the door when they erred.

7. Zaynub Bint al Kamal (ra): A very well known Muhaddith of her time, one of her students was Imam Dhahabi. Sh. Akram has over 100 pages about her in his book.

8. Umm ul Qayr Fatima Bint Ibrahim al Mahmuhd al Bataihiya (ra): One of her teachers was Abu Abdullah Bariqa Zabidi, from whom the highest Isnad for Bukhari goes through. She taught at the Prophet’s Mosque (pbuh), and was the teacher of Imam Dhahabi as well.

9. Asmaa Bint Abdullah (ra): She was a Muhaddithab of the ninth century and according to Imam Sakhawi she had attained permission to relate ahaadith from twenty six teachers.

10. Zaynub Bint Abdullah al-Azhari (ra): She was a Muhaddith in the 10th century; Imam Suyuti was one of her students.

One last and very interesting point Sh. Akram made was that there were 100’s of women who had very strong Isnads due to them starting their Islamic education early, and Allah blessing them with long lives Mash’Allah. One of the standard rules is that if someone narrates ahhadith 50 years after the death of their respective teacher, their Isnad will be regarded as high with a lesser amount of narrators in between. He stated that if you go to an Islamic learning center in our times, the typical scholar would have about 20 people until he reaches Imam Bukhari, but in Syria and some other places where Aisha Maqdasiya is in the chain, it would only be 14-15 people up till Imam Bukhari. Keep in mind that he died in 256 Hijra and right now we’re in 1427…pretty amazing, huh?

Women in the Field of Islamic Knowledge and Islamic Arts

Women Hadith Scholars Part 1

Women Hadith Scholars Part 2

An Article On Women Scholars of Hadith

May Allah grant Jannah to all the people mentioned above, and may He give us the ability to benefit from their works and lives Insh’Allah.

Walaikum Asalam


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