Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jummah, BAM!, and Reflection...


Daily we go through our usual actions, often neglecting to reflect on the magnificence of the Almighty. We’re all guilty of it, minus the ones who have tawajju ila ‘Llah at all times, but one seldom finds those people in our times let alone on the blogternetz. So started a casual day of Jummah as I drove through slightly rainy weather towards the Masjid. Got there right in time to do some dhikr, catch the first adhan, and get my four rakahs. The English talk was given by Brother Atif, and Shaykh Fayaz whom I believe is Hyderabadi (represent!) did the Khutba and lead Salat. I don’t really know anything about him other than he’s visiting our city, but he seems like a very righteous and noble individual Mash’Allah. As always, I finished up my Sunnah’s Hanafi stylee, and proceeded to my car. Since I was close to Hilcroft, I sat there and debated on whether I should grab something to eat, or get some groceries that I needed from Jerusalem Halal Meats… I battled it out in my head, and figured I’d grab some Pita and Halal Salami, which would come in handy for sammiches and the like through out the week.

The roads were still wet, and Hilcroft is possibly one of the crappiest streets in this town to drive on for various reasons, hence one has to be aware of his surroundings more than usual. As a side note, my mom always tries to bribe me with food so I drive her there. Anyhow, I take a fairly safer detour since I like to be careful (or maybe I’m a wuss), and while on the three-lane road, the car in front of me in the far left is signaling to get through incoming cars on the opposite side. Khair, I slow down thus coming to a complete stop with no cars behind me. I figured I’m in no rush, so why should I try to get into the middle or far right lanes amongst the crazies of Hilcroft on a wet road. While waiting I occasionally check my rearview for these crazies, and notice a car behind me in MY lane about 20+ feet away trying to get in the middle lane so she doesn’t have to stop behind me. I don’t really worry because there’s quite enough space between us for her either to stop or change lanes, and I look away. 5-7 seconds thereafter I hear slamming breaks, skidding, and BAM! After the instant jerk of getting rear ended, the first thing that went through my head was a thought faintly depicting the word “DAMMIT” followed by a “DAMMIT” facial expression. I turned off the car, stepped out, and checked if the car behind me was OK while inspectin’ the damage to my pop’s ride. Shukr Allah, everyone was OK Alhamdolillah. It turned out to be middle-aged Caucasian lady in an Xmas sweater with her son. A surprise for me, being on Hilcroft and all as I was expecting someone a bit more ‘ghetto’. We then pulled in front of Raj Sweets to do the exchanging of the info. My Spy Hunter themed paint job on the right depicts what happened at around 2pm on January 19, 2006.

As you can see in the pictures, the damage straight up sucks, but it could’ve been worse. Her car suffered similar dents/smashing on her front driver side. She felt really really really bad, and kept apologizing to which I kept telling her, “hota hai ama ji, hota hai” in English though. She accepted full responsibility, so there was no need to call the Chachoos, and the Insurance info was exchanged. She was literally the first person whom I was in such a situation with who was honest and sincere. For example, once an Indian lady hit me while in a Desi parking lot, and the hag had the audacity to exclaim, “You hit me!!” to me. Anyhow, this lady even called the Insurance Company and made the claim taking full liability by the time I came home and phoned it in. Subhan’Allah.

The crux of the story: As I was driving away, I started doing some spiritual contemplating on how things could’ve gone, and thanked Allah for everyone being OK. I then remembered something Shaykh Nuh said in a lecture once… that the rank of a believer is expressed by the two sole reasons for what Allah created the entire universe for: Dhikr and Shukr of Allah Subhana wahta’Allah in our hearts. The accident made me realize once again the importance of this Dhikr and Shukr, and that I need to strive more even if I do my 5 prayers and all that. Truly, it only takes a mere second, a different road, the seconds you sit in your deciding where to go, a traffic signal, and anything worse or minute could’ve happened. After all, He is all Knowing, and things come to be through His ultimate Will and Power. Alhamdolillah I had read the Ayatul Kursi as I began my trek to Jummah, and all of us are aware of the virtues of these beautiful and powerful ayats. Lastly, this also once again affirmed to me how horrible women drivers are… JUST KIDDING.

Walaikum Asalam


  • I'm so glad you're OK

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:09 PM  

  • Wow the damage doesn't look too...good, Alhamdulillah everyone was okay though.

    By Blogger sumaiya, at 9:31 PM  

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