Thursday, August 24, 2006

ZABIHA Meat Madness


The Scenario:

You’re at an Islamic conference, and the Shaykh, Imam, or whoever was speaking has ended his lecture and the time comes in for asking questions. You get a few questions here and there that are relevant to the topic, but then out of nowhere someone will ask, “Can we eat meat purchased from the supermarket?” Upon this more than half the crowd along with the questioner and Imam will get a good laugh, and then the Imam will proceed to make a funny remark and put the question aside. Now I understand it’s a hefty topic, but this sort of attitude somewhat demeans the whole concept of Zabiha and eating if you ask a simple laymen such as myself.

The Rant:

The fact of the matter is that rather than Muslims demanding better quality, and pushing for a change in the Halal meat industry, we’re taking laxity and convenience into accord and putting aside the beautiful tradition of our Prophet (saw). It’s also upsetting when you get hassled for being cautions or using scrupulousness around brothers who deem everything other than pork and alcohol permissible. As for these people who eat mechanically slaughtered chickens and meat from ‘supposed’ people of the book, I can vouch without a shadow of a doubt that 99% of the time when you’re purchasing meat from Kroger, biting into your Whataburger & chicken quesadilla, or even munching down at a restaurant, that the meat has been contaminated by something Haram or it just simply wont meet the Shariah requirements. This isn’t a big claim that needs scientific research to back one up, but one just needs a little bit of CS and Ilm. Not only would you be putting yourself into the risk of eating from rizq that is not allowed, but this will have major spiritual effects on ones Imaan as well.

Unfortunately, the term Halal is one of the most abused words in this day and age, so Insh’Allah take the time to read the PDF below and get some of your questions answered. For the future, I envision a Utopia with Muslims using and eating only Zabiha meat and hand slaughtered chickens, so I don’t have to play Sherlock Holmes for even Muslim owned restaurants. Now that would be the life. AllahuAlim.

The Ilm:

ZABIHA Meat Madness by Mufti Abdur Rahman Ibn Yusuf


And always remember... to think of the chickens:

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