Monday, September 25, 2006

Moon Fighting: Final Post Insh'Allah


Why witnesses in TEXAS were deemed un-credible on 9/22

Two days ago, a friend of mine expressed some cynicism because I wanted to wait for a credible sighting in the US since I wasn’t too sure about the Texas one on Friday night. Soon after in our conversation, I was accused of claiming one of the people whom saw the “supposed’ hilal that day as a liar. Of course I explained myself, and it turned out we were merely discussing, but some of the comments did bug me enough to make another moon fighting post. We go through this every year, and rather than getting better at it, we’ve got more fitnah revolving around this non-issue than ever. Most of my city, and perhaps even this special state started on Saturday, whereas very few Masajids began on Sunday. The split seemed apparent in MOST states, difference lying upon which majority took precedence.

The Masjid I frequent has a radio show on Sundays, and I was under the impression we’d get some clarification in a positive limelight on the confusion of the night before. Rather, they attested to the Shahadas of the witnesses and even had a few of them on the radio show. They also mentioned that whoever did not fast on Saturday have to do a Qada fast in Houston. As compelling as it was, I had a few gripes with some aspects of their argument even though Hafiz Iqbal dropped a few gems in there Mash'Allah. In the end, my heart still didn’t feel comfortable as it did following the Hilal sightings on Saturday Night from the various Hilal committees that have a rigorous tradition of sighting the moon with regards to legitimate reports. I did manage to record the live stream if anyone wants to peep it after they’ve read the article above.

Moon Controversy in Texas [CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] (approx 1.5 hrs)

Anyhow, Alhamdolillah for Ulema and Scholars who follow the moon sighting tradition in a manner that is close and befits our Prophet (saw). I would most definitely include Madarassah Islamiah because they’re very strict on the matter as well, but I’d still like to believe that they were under ‘certain’ pressures. Alhamdolillah for their websites too:


Lastly, I understand the simple laymen need not delve into the matters of the moon, but at the same time we are encouraged each month to go out and look for it. Here’re a few pictures of what I saw right after Maghrib on Sunday 9/24 (my Ramadan DAY 1) at 7:23ish, and took pictures at 7:25pm, 7:27pm, and 7:35pm until some mean looking clouds cast over the area by 7:40pm. Is that a DAY 2 or DAY 3? Hmmmm...if you're a DAY 3, then let me ask:

Crescent on 9/24/06 at 7:25pm
Crescent on 9/24/06 at 7:27pm
Crescent on 9/24/06 at 7:35pm

AllahuAlim to all of this and RAMADAN MUBARAK to all peoples of the world!


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Texas, Ramadan, and moon sightings...


There’re a ton of thoughts that are running through my mind right now, but the one thing I will say is that TEXAS, and especially Houston is one of the sketchiest places for the Deen in the US of A. Don’t get me wrong, I respect the Ulema regardless of their allegiances, but really bad decisions are a staple here. It's upsetting to see the Masjid whom I usually refer to being hosed on this matter as well, but there's a deeper argument there, which I'm still trying to figure out...

One thing I will never ever understand is… how is it logically possible for the moon to be seen when astronomers and no other states in the US witnessed it? Is there some kind of holy beacon that resonates from the heavens into my state that enables us to see the moon when none of the reliable hilal committees can? Something similar happened before as well.

People say, fast with the majority in your area… but what if you feel the majority is not doing the right thing? What if deep inside you heart you know Saturday was not the first of Ramadan, which would also imply that Shabaan only had 28 days. What if you want your Ramadan to fall on the right days according to an actual moon sighting? We can accept the day difference, but in the end, one has to be right… right?

And other than Saudi Arabia, there are a lot more Islamic countries in the M.E. and ASIA that did not sight anything either. But since Saudi who’s been wrong many times and supposedly relies heavily on calculations says they saw it, and a country right beside them didn’t see jack seriously boggles my mind. Just merely using some Aql proves the inconsistencies of this whole mess. By the way, Paki didn’t see it on Saturday night there either. So a two day difference?

I was really praying for ONE Ramadan ONE Eid, but alas this did not happen. Insh’Allah, I’ll be keeping up with Chicago hilal, Ulema Association, Zaytuna, and so on for an accurate and more proper rendition of the Sunnah of our beloved Rasul (saw).

May Allah Insh'Allah guide this Ummah and grant us tawfiq, especially during this blessed month. Ameen.

Walaikum Asalam

Just a brother deeply annoyed by a NON ISSUE issue