Tuesday, September 25, 2007

RADIO RAMADAN... lovin' it!


Ok, this radio show is truly a blessing from Allah during Ramadan, and I pray He accepts their efforts. I’ve been listening to it on and off the past few days and would highly recommend it to others… it actually makes me want to move to Leicester, heh. And a conclusion I reached is that the US or specifically certain cities would be so awesome here if we had well spoken English Hanafi Scholars taking initiative in various community projects. Insh'Allah this starts happening soon!

As for the speakers, aside from Mufti Muhammad and Sh. Riyadh, whom I both love, I’ve come to learn about and appreciate some new British Ulema: Sh Khalil Patel, Sh Umar Ghanji, and Sh Ibrahim Mogra, etc. Sh Ibrahim is actually part of the Muslim Council of Britain and does much good for Islam there Mash'Allah. He recently went to Darfur on behalf of the government with others such as Sister Fareena (Q-News) to find the truth and reach resolutions.

When should you check it out if you’re in the US? I’m 6 hours behind Leicester, so I catch Mufti Muhammad’s show at 12pm CST. Check out their discussion sessions too, yesterday it was about Islamic banking, and the day before they went into a lot of detail about the HMC and halal meat (which originated in Leicester).